You have an idea and don't know how to turn those ideas to cash.  You have a product or services but very little people know about it. It's time to use it and get value from it. Today I am going to jump right into the fun stuff, where we can start putting a plan in place to get you to your idea life.

A life where you're making more money in your own Internet business...

Your Roadmap To Online Business Success.

It guides you along a proven business-building process, known as...

Content ! Traffic ! PREsell ! Monetize

The Content (website pages, Facebook updates, newsletters, tweets, Pinterest pin and board descriptions, podcasts, videos, and more) that creates your overall Web presence...attracts free targeted Traffic through a variety of sources (such as search engines, social media, etc.) from a variety of devices (desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones). These are targeted visitors who become warmed up and PREsold about you and your business, and who then generate income for you through a diversified range of Monetization models (buying your products or services, paying for a membership subscription, clicking on your AdSense ads, clicking on affiliate links, generating finder's fees for you, etc.). The list below outlines what you will do to prepare for, research and build your online business according to the C ! T! P ! M principles...

1. Learn some business basics before you begin. This information will prepare you for everything you do to create a profitable business.

2. Find the perfect niche (topic) for your business. You'll do this by

researching and evaluating up to 3 ideas, then picking the niche that has the best set of keywords and meets other success factors.

3. Build your "Site Content Blueprint," an outline of what you will write about and how all the pages fit together to present your valuable information to site visitors.

4. Evaluate the monetization potential of the niche you selected. This evaluation includes how many different monetization options you can use, and gives you a sense of how much money your business can earn.

5. Ensure that your site's "personality" suits your target audience. Pick and register a domain name for your site. Your domain name will become part of your "brand," so it's important to find a particularly sharp name, one that's not only available as a domain name but also as a name for the major social channels. Register them all right away.

6. After you have published 10 content pages, add a new dimension to your presence — social media. Adding sharing buttons to your site enables visitors to engage with you through "passive social" media. Continue to grow your business with more published content, and learn about links.

Once you have passive social set up, and more content on your site, determine which of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. fit best with your niche and audience. This is a longer-term, "active social" media project that grows your reputation ("PREselling").

7. After you have published 10 content pages, attract and increase traffic to your site through the search engines and other sources.

8. Begin developing and nurturing relationships with your visitors. do this naturally, as part of the "sharing economy" that connects people, ideas and products/services.

9. Begin examining the data that tells you who your visitors are. It's

important to know who they are (male/female, location, age, etc.) so that you can target your content and your monetization options more closely to their needs and desires.

10. Start offering your first monetization option. Evaluate its success in meeting the income goal you set for it. Then add another way to earn revenue. Once you have done all that, "rinse and repeat" steps 6-10, continually adding content to your site and your social media accounts, interacting with visitors and influencers in your niche, and earning an income from your visitors' loyalty.

Watch the videos below and you will be amazed how these people can  start their own business successfully from their own home

How To Make Money?

Develop your owns product to sale

Online store

Online Course

Membership site

Local Business

Network Marketing

Affiliate Business

Adsense and Advertising

Ecommerce Solution

---And Much More....

If you want to work flexible, no boss, work on your own hours, set your own time and deadline, create your own passion, make more money, job security, spend more time with your children then no matter the obstacles, start your own business is the path forward.

Here are 17 Ways Rich People Think Differently From T. Harv Eker’s book

“The Millionaire Mind” for you to make the right decision.

Rich Poor

Rich people believe “I create my life.” Rich people play the money game to win.

Rich people are committed to being rich.

Rich people think big.

Rich people focus on opportunities.

Rich people admire other rich and successful people.

Rich people associate with positive, successful people.

Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value.

Rich people are bigger than their problems.

Rich people are excellent receivers.

Rich people choose to get paid based on results. Rich people think “both.”

Rich people focus on their net worth. Rich people manage their money well.

Rich people have their money work hard for them.

Rich people act in spite of fear. Rich people constantly learn and grow.

Poor people believe, “Life happens to me.” Poor people play the money game to not lose.

Poor people want to be rich.

Poor people think small. Poor people focus on obstacles.

Poor people resent rich and successful people.

Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.

Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion.

Poor people are smaller than their problems.

Poor people are poor receivers.

Poor people choose to get paid based on time.

Poor people think “either/or.”

Poor people focus on their working income.

Poor people mismanage their money well.

Poor people work hard for their money.

Poor people let fear stop them.

Poor people think they already know.

-----OK, That is all for Rich and Poor Thinking,

Now, Back to the action plan...

This plan works 100% of the time, and so long as you stay as committed as you have, this will work for you.

...But the first step is, TAKE ACTION, when you take action, you will begin getting the results..., that is the first step of your bright future.

Should You Consider Start Your Own Business? Because It's all about you.

It's Your Life! Create Control, And Create The Financial Freedom

And again, to expose more success, follow the concept is this...

Learn, Do, Teach.

Son Duong,

I am the owner of Coal Mine Nails & Spa. I am also an Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Engineer in Oil and Gas industry for over 10 years but I don't want to sit in the cubicle for the rest of my life...

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